HawksPvP Minecraft server

Hello All ! This is a minecraft server that there is some great feautres on it , Hope u enjoy it !

Lots Of Exciting New Features To Bring The Best
Experience To You.

Active Support

24/7 Support ( Mods - SrMods - Devs ...) , there where you make explaints for hacks ! :D.

New Minigames(BETA)

In Beta Server : ( Lobby - FFA - 1vs1).

HawksPvP Network

HawksPvP Network a best Network


That players can see them stats ( Records ).

DDoS Protected

When you are playing there is no problem ( Lag - Bug's ..).

Connect Your Self Right Now
IP : HawksPvP.net !

Server Support : 1.7.x / 1.8.x
1.8 Skins + Capes ... And Mods :D,

Watch The Video New Features

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